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Unclecat 貓叔叔 | little thunder | cotton 純棉

Unclecat 貓叔叔 | little thunder | cotton 純棉

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布料 Material : 100% cotton
布封 : 110cm
原產地 : 韓國 

 數量1 = 45x110cm,數量2 = 90x110cm...





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* 由於我們與實際商店共享產品庫存,因此您訂購的產品可能會缺貨。
* 由於不同電子屏幕會有色差,實物顏色可能會有所不同。


【Product description】
material : cotton 100%
soft 【✦✦✧✧✧】hard 
thin 【✦✦✦✧✧】thick 
width : 110cm
country of origin : Made in Korea

• The price is 0.5y (45cm)/unit 
• Qty 1 = 45x110cm, Qty 2 = 90x110cm... 
• The fabric will be send you in 1 piece if you buy more than 1 unit. 

About secondary use / commercial use

All illustrations are copyrighted by JAESUNSHOP.
Secondary use/commercial using out of 고양이 삼촌 (jaesunshop) products are is possible only for fabrics and personal using.So, make the following explanations to let consumers see.
* Please make sure to display the entire context below on the product's tag.

This product is made by (Maker’s name, who would sell secondary works) using JAESUNSHOP’s fabric.
It has not been produced by JAESUNSHOP.
The fabric used is the property of JAESUNSHOP.

(Please enter the name of the artist who will use the product for secondary or commercial purposes in the red area and display these full sentences.)

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* Due to the color difference of different electronic screens, the actual color may vary.
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