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maffon | tweed dot grey ivory 花呢圓點 灰+米色 | cotton jacquard knit 雙面純棉提花針織 - 160cm

maffon | tweed dot grey ivory 花呢圓點 灰+米色 | cotton jacquard knit 雙面純棉提花針織 - 160cm

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質料  : 棉 100% 針織
軟 【✦✧✧✧✧】硬
布封 : 160cm
原產地 : 日本

 數量1 = 50x160cm,數量2 = 100x160cm...


Maffon工廠於1933年在日本名古屋成立, 是日本少有針織廠之一,主要製作高質純棉雙面提花針織布料。

“100% 純棉

布料均為100% 棉質,柔軟親膚,非常適合嬰兒和皮膚敏感的人,而布料在洗滌後會變得更加柔軟!

雙面使用 相反顏色





Maffon 工廠之針織機有超過 1000 支針將 48 條線一條條拉起,創造出一種蓬鬆的織物,有別於一般提花布料編織鬆散、略顯凹凸不平的紋理。而由於圖案是編織的,即使洗滌後也不會褪色。


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* 由於我們與實際商店共享產品庫存,因此您訂購的產品可能會缺貨。
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【Product description】

material  : 100% cotton knitted fabric
soft 【✦✧✧✧✧】hard
thin 【✦✦✦✧✧】thick 
width : 160cm
country of origin : Made in Japan 

• The price is 0.5m/unit 
• Qty 1 = 50x160cm, Qty 2 = 100x160cm... 
• The fabric will be send you in 1 piece if you buy more than 1 unit. 


The Maffon factory was established in Nagoya, Japan in 1933. It is one of the few knitting factories in Japan. It mainly produces high-quality pure cotton double-sided jacquard knitted fabrics.

"100% cotton"

The fabrics are all 100% cotton, soft and skin-friendly, perfect for babies and people with sensitive skin, and the fabrics will become softer after washing!

“Reversible use with opposite colors”

Maffon jacquard knitted fabric is made of two layers of thin plain knitted fabric. The front and back sides are in opposite colors and can be used on both sides! Get twice the enjoyment with just one shirt!

"All Made in Japan"

From planning and design to production and processing, yarn dyeing is all produced in Japan.

"Puffy Jacquard Knit"

The knitting machine in the Maffon factory has more than 1,000 needles to pull up 48 threads one by one, creating a fluffy fabric that is different from the loose and slightly uneven texture of ordinary jacquard fabrics. And because the pattern is woven, it won't fade even after washing.

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