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Kawaguchi curve sewing ruler 多功能曲尺

Kawaguchi curve sewing ruler 多功能曲尺

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尺寸:寬 14 cm,長 30 cm
在裁縫中製作圖案最方便的“裁剪比例”。在繪製領口處、袖子處的袖窿、袖子頂部的袖尖、褲襠等彎曲部分時,請使用裁剪比例的彎曲部分。 切割比例由幾條不同的曲線組成。 比例尺上有“領口”、“袖子”等指示,讓您在繪製所需區域時一目了然地知道使用比例尺的哪一部分。

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Size : width 14cm, length 30cm
material : acrylic
Convenient for drafting paper patterns for dressmaking. Scale with various curves for drafting A "cutting scale" that is convenient when making patterns for dressmaking. Patterns for clothes are a combination of straight lines and various curved lines. Use the curved parts of the cutting scale when drafting curved parts such as the neckline where the collar is attached, the armhole where the sleeves are attached, the sleeve peaks at the top of the sleeves, and the crotch of the trousers. A cutting scale consists of several different curves. The scale has indications such as "neckline" and "sleeve", so that you can see at a glance which part of the scale to use when drawing the desired area.

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