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【K‧T FABRIC】紅白藍「硬幣」 red-white-blue ''coins'' cotton printed oxford 純棉

【K‧T FABRIC】紅白藍「硬幣」 red-white-blue ''coins'' cotton printed oxford 純棉

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🔴⚪️🔵Red White Blue x "Coins" "Signboards" "Home Appliances"

When you see the three colors: red, white and blue, you may be reminded of "red, white and blue plastic bags," which is also known as one of the spirits of Hong Kong. We combine this element with 3 other special Hong Kong themes. This way you can feel connected to the local culture through these colors and patterns🇭🇰

brand : K‧T FABRIC (Hong Kong)
material : cotton 100% 
soft 【✦✦✦✧✧】hard 
thin 【✦✦✧✧】thick 
width : 110cm
background color : white / black

• The price is 0.5 yard/unit 
• Qty 1 = 0.5 yard, Qty 2 = 1 yard... 
• The fabric will be send you in 1 piece if you buy more than 1 unit. 


🔴⚪️🔵紅白藍 x 「硬幣」「招牌」「傢電」


品牌 : K‧T FABRIC (Hong Kong) 
布料  : 棉 100%
布幅 : 110cm
顏色 : 白色

 數量1 = 半碼,數量2 = 1碼...


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