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embroidery webbing 刺繡帶 | paisley 腰果花 8.5cm

embroidery webbing 刺繡帶 | paisley 腰果花 8.5cm

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質料  : 刺繡 化纖
闊度 : 85mm

 數量1 = 50x8.5cm,數量2 = 100x8.5cm...

* 如訂購的商品有現貨,將在 1-7 個工作日內發貨。
* 由於我們與實際商店共享產品庫存,因此您訂購的產品可能會缺貨。
* 由於不同電子屏幕會有色差,實物顏色可能會有所不同。

【Product description】
material : synthetic fiber
width : 55mm

• The price is 0.5m/unit 
• Qty 1 = 50x8.5cm, Qty 2 = 100x8.5cm... 
• The fabric will be send you in 1 piece if you buy more than 1 unit. 

* Items ordered will ship within 1-7 business days if in stock.
* Since we share product inventory with the actual store, the product you ordered may be out of stock.
* Due to the color difference of different electronic screens, the actual color may vary.
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